Business Activities
Business Activities


  • Leads the development and maintenance of overall client relationships in Malaysia and across ASEAN region for Global Wholesale Banking (GWB) consisting of a team of dedicated professionals with diverse banking and capital markets experience
  • Crafts tailored financial solutions through constant dialogue with both clients and product specialists
  • Focuses on building long-term relationships with clients, with personalised management based on a single point of contact model that is product-neutral
  • Collaborates with GWB product partners and synergises amongst the different business sectors across the Maybank Group to offer the full suite of products and solutions to our clients
  • Markets products including corporate banking credit facilities, treasury solutions, trade finance and cash management and other transaction banking products, and investment banking solutions such as advisory, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), debt capital markets, sukuk, equity fund raising and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)


  • Establishes, develops and manages relationships with new and existing clients
  • Organises and conceptualises equity, debt and traditional loan products
  • Develops strategic alliances with suitable business partners
  • Originates corporate deals with equity underwriting and placement opportunities


  • Advises and structures equity and equity-linked transactions
  • Advises companies on IPOs, establishment of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)
  • Advises listed clients on fund-raising exercises via the equity market
  • Advises and structures M&As and privatisation exercises
  • Advises listed clients on restructuring exercises, involving both debt and equity


  • Provides solutions and executes equity and equity-linked transactions such as IPOs, Rights Offerings, Placements and Offerings of Convertible Securities
  • Structures the marketing and pricing strategy to harness demand from institutional investors
  • Works closely with clients during the origination, structuring, marketing and after-market stages of transactions
  • Underwrites equity and equity-linked instruments for primary and secondary Issues


  • Provides comprehensive and holistic Shariah-compliant financing solutions
  • Provides origination, execution and distribution of Sukuk or Bond issues, and Syndicated Credit Facilities
  • Provides Bilateral and Syndicated financing for Leverage Financing activities
  • Provides Underwriting of Capital Market Issues and Syndicated Credit Facilities
  • Provides Agency services for Private Debt Securities and Syndicated Credit Facilities


  • Provides Financial Advisory services, specialising in the Energy, Infrastructure
    and Utility (EIU) sectors:
    - Infrastructure, privatisation (i.e. Public-Private Partnership, "PPP") and project finance advisory
    - Other financial advisory services related to EIU e.g. bid advisory for infrastructure projects
  • Provides Policy and Strategy Advisory services to the private sector:
    - Formulation or validation of corporate strategy and business plans; business turnaround and transformation; debt workouts
  • Provides Policy and Strategy Advisory services to the public sector:
    - Assistance in policy planning, optimisation and formulation; rendering advisory and assistance to Government-Linked Corporations and Governmental agencies in (re)positionings and restructurings


  • Provides multi-market, multi-channel equities trading to all retail client segments
  • Offers bespoke services via remisiers, company dealers and Maybank branches
  • Provides margin financing for equities trading, IPOs, and Employee Share Option Schemes
  • Provides online multi-market access and research coverage


  • Provides institutional sales services to fund managers
  • Executes trades via dealers and Direct Market Access (DMA) solutions
  • Engages in IPO placements, private placements and off-market block trades
  • Provides corporate access through conferences, corporate days and non-deal roadshows


  • Publishes independent top-down and bottom-up research on equities and fixed income markets
  • Provides company valuation models, company estimates and macro forecasts
  • Markets timely value-added comments and views on companies, sectors and markets
  • Proposes investment strategies for active trading and portfolio asset allocations
  • Assists dealing team in providing corporate access through conferences, corporate days and non-deal roadshows


  • Serves as a catalyst for product innovation and a platform for Maybank to customise products and solutions for our retail, corporate and institutional clients
  • Generates unique risk mitigation techniques to manage our clients' exposure to both commodity and equity price risk in order for our clients to manage their capital and operations in an efficient manner
  • Creates and offers investment products on exchanges and over-the-counter in order for our clients to gain exposure to the equity and commodity markets. These investments are in the form of
    - Notes
    - Equity-Linked Investment Notes
    - Commodity-Linked Investment Notes
    - Structured Products
    - Structured Warrants
    - Exchange-Traded Funds


  • A trading participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad and a clearing participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing Berhad
  • Offers sales, execution and clearing services to institutional, corporate and retail clients; both domestic and foreign
  • Offers products such as Crude Palm Oil Futures, KLCI Futures and all contracts listed on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad
  • With presence in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Offers convenient online trading through the Futures2u portal, enabling clients to access markets from virtually anywhere
  • Will rollout Foreign Futures products to provide access to major exchanges worldwide

Our business activities vary in different jurisdictions, subject to the licences we hold. Please contact us to learn more about the services or products we offer in specific jurisdictions.

Kim Eng