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Our Approach to Sustainability

We are committed to upholding good environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, which include the promotion of sustainable finance. As part of our mission to humanise financial services, we aim to create a sustainable future for all, through a strategic balance between remaining attentive to the implications of our actions on the communities we operate in, and to the needs of our different stakeholders. Our ultimate ambition is to embed sustainability across all our operations to drive change for a better world.

Writing the Sustainability story in ASEAN

Over the years, we have been leading the sustainability discussion in our region, through our Invest ASEAN series of conferences, Captains Speak sessions and ESG initiatives with clients and investors.

Through both Islamic and conventional financing innovation, we have led green finance initiatives in ASEAN.

We have committed that we will not finance any new coal mining activity or any activities that result in new clearance of forests in Malaysia, whether for plantation, property development or construction.

We are currently working with our clients, relevant organisations, and countries in our region, to further explore the development of cleaner, more efficient, and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Ensure a just transition to a low carbon economy
Some description We have strategies to achieve this for ourselves and our clients through business and operations practices and policies, providing offerings and solutions that deliver impact to the community and our stakeholders.
Promote development and growth
Some description We support the communities we operate in, through impactful social solutions and access to resources that enable a more inclusive society.
Commit to a carbon neutral position
Some description Commit to a carbon neutral position. We are continuously working to reduce our own carbon footprint, with a plan to bring our own emissions in-line with national and international expectations by 2030.
Build a strong sustainability culture
Some description Sustainability-first is the mantra that drives our thinking and actions. We believe there must always be a more sustainable way, or a clear path to future sustainable outcomes. Our foundation in governance, ethics, trust, and transparency reflects the highest commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and privacy.
Our Support of Renewable Energy

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Since 2020 we have been involved in four large-scale solar photovoltaic power plant projects, with total financing of approximately RM1.3 billion. These projects provide an opportunity to replace conventional coal or gas-powered plants in the local energy grid and to lower carbon emissions. We also supported the SunLease programme through a RM70 million loan to construct a 30MW rooftop photovoltaic system to generate cheaper electricity.

Cypark Refʼs 550 million SRI Sukuk Muhabarah Programme

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Cypark Refʼs 550 million SRI Sukuk is an award-winning, landmark green financing deal in Malaysia. We led the deal and brought in an unprecedented Solar Turnkey Financing Structure that enabled Cypark to tap into the debt capital market for the funding of three, separate, large scale solar projects. The three solar projects, 90MW in total, are projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 2.4 million tonnes over 21 years.

Supporting Innovation through Financing of Waste-to-Energy projects

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In 2020 we channeled RM374 million into refinancing waste-to-energy projects as an opportunity to advance renewable energy generation in Malaysia. These projects also support waste management efforts by incinerating municipal solid waste to produce steam for electricity generation. They are slated to convert 600 tonnes of waste per day, generating up to 25MW of power, with the potential to expand further in the future.